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Nov 18, 2012 10:00pm PST
it happened to. the jessee clan of california. they vacationed together, shared birthdays, even got together for a monthly game of ten pin. but what these grainy home videos don't show is what is yet to come. which is murder, conspiracy. one branch of the family against the other. a game so twisted, mice so clever, that crafting a trap to catch them might just be impossible. to begin with, it was 1998. "shakespeare in love" won the oscar. monica lewinsky was freshly famous. it was a sweltering august night, hottest of the year, when cheryl got a strange call from her dad jack jesse. >> i was getting ready for bed and it was my dad on the phone. >> what time was this? >> it was 20 after 9:00. >> he was worried about his wife sandra. she was missing. >> what did he think had happened? >> he just thought maybe she had gotten in an accident or something. >> she had run to this nearby mall to run an errand but was gone so long. would cheryl please find her, asked her dad. >> went through there, burger king, walmart, and supposed to be back. >> and when she went back into her dad's house, she foun
Nov 5, 2012 2:50am EST
of the state, would be gone before the wiretap ruling took effect. and in arizona, california warrant was worthless. >> this completely took all that work and we're talking probably six months of work and just threw it out the window. >> the killers had slipped the trap. game over. >>> when we come back, detectives build a new and better mouse trap. and guess who takes the bait. >> it's me. you need to [ bleep ] call me asap. >> when "deadly conspiracy" continues. imagine an air freshener that can instantly make your home fresh and inviting. introducing glade expressions fragrance mist. a squeeze at the neck of the bottle releases a fragrant mist, eliminating odors. light layers of fresh cotton and italian mandarin that instantly fill the air with fragrance. with a stylish design, it can be left out. so you can add long-lasting fragrance whenever you need it. ♪ and it's available in an easy-to-replace refill. glade expressions fragrance mist. sc johnson. a family company. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm PST
diego chargers and moved the family to southern california. >> when your mom and dad made the move to california, did they pretty much leave greenwood in the rear view mirror? >> i think they did. they didn't really look back. we weren't really a family that told lots of family stories. we weren't really connected to extended family because we lived so far away. >> reporter: unlike her parents, yvette grew up affluent, privileged and in the company of suburban white kids. disconnected from blacks of her own age, yvette said when she got to high school, she knew little about the african-american experience. >> people see you're black and immediately have certain expectations of how you think and culturally. did you struggle at all? >> i loved phil collins and aerosmith and they listened to rap. i had a hard time sort of finding my niche. >> reporter: yvette wanted her children to be better with black culture and so she turned to books. >> i read an autobiography about his life as a slave and it really took me aback. i hadn't grasped just the level of fear and humiliation for blacks
Nov 19, 2012 2:00am PST
for screaming fans and bulls. >> california, the king of surfing culture. and the mavericks is the king of surfing contest. thousands come to watch the best surfers in the world. but one day stands out because when the surf was up, it was way up. and even those watching found themselves catching one extreme wave. >> my fiance and i had decided to take turns at who was responsible for valentines day. and this is his year. and it just so happened that mavericks was going to be held. >> it is one of the biggest surf wave competitions in the world. and she was just enthusiastic. she was excited. she'd never got to see a big wave competition before. >> the mavericks event attracts 24 of the biggest names in big wave surfing. >> i recently took surfing lessons and was out venturing to mavericks for that very reason. for my interest and passion in surfing. on the morning that mavericks was taking place, the ocean was quite turbulent. on occasion a high tide surge would come up and maybe get somebody's blanket or shoes a little wet. >> first and second waves got people wet. let you know that th
Nov 12, 2012 3:05am EST
mankiewicz. >> sometimes the facts are as clear as the southern california sky, but other times you have to know where to look to see the truth. this man has made a career of noticing what others do not. >> what's his reputation? >> meticulous investigator. just pores over the volume of evidence and found what others did not find. >> the evidence whisperer? >> correct. >> at night i went out dancing. >> does this man act guilty? does he know more than he's saying. >> i didn't know anything was going on, all right? >> what about this man? can you believe the story he's telling? >> i was supposed to pick her up twice and she was so out of character, she didn't show up on either day. >> the evidence whisperer wasn't present at either of those interviews, but watching them helped him solve the mystery of what happened to a vivacious young woman and bring answers to the mother who loved her. >> i was always proud of her. she was a real fighter. >> lindsay eckan arrived, the youngest of three. maybe that fighting spirit isn't visible in her photos, but her mother, nancy, says it was always the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)